The 7 Questions You Should Ask a Financial Advisor

What process do you follow to identify a client's goals and evaluate investment performance?

We follow a very simple and straightforward four-step process with all of our clients:

  • Identify financial objectives and develop a comprehensive understanding of their needs and goals.
  • From that plan we are able to identify how best to pursue stated goals and objectives, including a determination of an appropriate asset allocation.
  • Implement financial recommendations (after review and with the client's consent) using professionally managed portfolio managers where appropriate, and finally, monitor and update on an ongoing basis based upon stated financial goals and performance.

What are your sources of research and information?

Working for one of the world's leading financial services providers, Steward Partners and Raymond James are an excellent source of information for providing due diligence on the many independent money managers we use for our clients. We also have access to third-party research from various other sources.

How often will you hold a formal review with us?

We have what we like to call a 12/4/2 client commitment. You will hear from us at least once a month, either through a phone call or email. Four times a year, we will have a quarterly telephone review of your overall portfolio as well as each individual account. Once or twice a year, we will try and arrange an in-person meeting to have a more thorough review.

Are you available for informal meetings?

Yes, by appointment. Please contact Wealth Manager Michaelyn Bortolotti to schedule a meeting.

What is the fee structure?

That depends on the investment. Most of the services we provide have asset-based fees. Each individual portfolio is different. We will discuss your fee structure before you become a client.

How are you personall compensated?

We are compensated by Steward Partners Global Advisory LLC by a percentage of revenues that are generated.

Can you show representative portfolios?

Yes, utilizing Raymond James' financial planning tools, we are able to show your current portfolio, which can include any potential gaps if they exist.