The Top 10 Reasons To Work With Us

10 specific benefits to work with our team at Steward Partners & Raymond James:
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We will act as a fiduciary for our clients as part of a Registered Investment Advisor.

All of our interests are aligned as one.

Steward Partners and Raymond James have an advisor Bill of Rights, which states that we own our relationships with our clients — and not the other way around, where a firm believes that you are their property.

Our firm will provide us with more resources to answer to the individual needs of every family we work with. We have the full depth and breadth of Raymond James, Steward Partners, and outside business partners to complement your financial plan with us.

Our team is well staffed, talented, and efficient to meet the needs of our sophisticated client base.

Being independent means that we don’t sell proprietary products. It means that we provide services through the availability of products. This is a big difference.

We are an owner and shareholder in Steward Partners, which means that we have a voice and a stake in the direction and success of the company.

We leverage technology and social media platforms to keep you updated on team developments and timely events.

We are aligned with our clients and their most trusted advisors, such as their attorneys and their accountants.

We leverage the resources and talent available to our team at Raymond James and locally with Steward Partners.